“Macon” offers tennis courts with various surfaces such as the clay, hard, artificial grass, indoor and outdoor courts, which meet the standards of International Tennis Federation. We are also specialized in construction of playgrounds, multi-purpose sport grounds, jogging and cycling tracks.

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Why you should trust us

The company’s specialists gained huge experience especially in 2005, during the construction of 11 courts (hard courts, clay courts and courts with epoxy surface) in “Orange Fitness” club, which, nowadays, hosts many international competitions. “Macon” has constructed more than 40 playgrounds and the majority of them are tennis courts.

Used materials

For clay courts, as a final layer, we use Tennisit, which is produced exclusively from local materials.
For final layers of hard courts, we offer materials from worldwide known brands like “Acryflex-T” and “Casali”.
For waterproofing the bases of grounds, materials from well-known companies “BASF” and “BTM” are used.
Fencing and game nets, accessories and equipment are mainly imported from German company “Universal Sport”.