Home servises - 1. Sport fields

Sport grounds

We will build, repair and restore sport grounds which correspond to international standards.

Home servises - 2. Waterproofing


We will ensure the protection of concrete buildings from harmful effects of water.

Home servises - 3. Construction

Construction of cottages and apartments

We will build an estate, do landscaping of your garden, renovate your apartment.

Home servises - 3. Floor covering


We will ensure the necessary aesthetic appearance and strength of your flooring.

Home servises - 4. Reinforcement

Reinforcement and repair of concrete structures

We will guarantee the durability of columns’, walls’ and buildings’ firmness.

Home servises - 6. Green roofs

Green roofs

We will turn your unused territory in the area of passive recreation.

Home servises - 5 Landscaping


We can do landscaping of open spaces, roofs and terraces.

Home servises - 7. Heating

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Cooling

We will make your house more comfortable.